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Adrenal Ferrets at the Shelter

Posted by Donna Carlsen on August 23, 2015 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (52)

8/23/2015 ... There are seven ferrets who are currently ailing from adrenal disease. Three of them are currently receiving monthly Lupron shots - Luna, (who just lost her cagemate Aquilo), Gracie, and Sugar (the California rescue). The others are waiting for funds to purchase more of the medication. Ozzy is waiting for a donation of Lupron, as he is next in line to receive the injections. A tiny little girl named Loki came in, she is about 5 years old and is completely bald and is in dire need of attention. Please visit my E-bay store at to purchase ferret related items and more to help the shelter ferrets!


Posted by Jules on October 24, 2012 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Jules update on Isis:

Last night October 23, 2012 Isis passed away in her sleep.  She will be very missed.  We initially got her as a playmate for Aquilo.  But she spent most of her time yelling at him for being naughty.  He was always teasing her and play fighting when she just wanted to hang out and look at stuff.  It wasn't until Luna was brought into the mix that Isis really showed her personality.  Isis and Luna loved to play fight.  And Aquilo finally had someone to play fight with.  They were a very happy trio.  For a long time Isis was the momma figure in the group of 6 (Isis, Aquilo, Shiitake, Luna, Orion, Brigit)....she was nurturing and loving to everyone.  And they all loved her.  She got cold easily and so they would all dogpile on top of her to keep her warm. 

This is the first your hearing about Shiitake (we called him Monkey) because he also passed away recently on September 6, 2012.  He was staying at a different shelter.  He had the same conditions as Isis - adrenal disease, insulinoma and heart disease. 

Isis was a fighter.  We adopted her in January of 2009 from the NVSPCA.  She was maybe a year and a half, maybe more.  They didn't know.  She was healthy and fluffy when we got her. 

Then about 6 months later she rapidly began losing fur due to adrenal disease.  So we got her surgery and they took out the culprit adrenal gland at the time.  It wasn't until about a year later that the other adrenal gland became a problem for her.  She got monthly Lupron injections ($40 each month) for a long time.  And she had at least 3 different melatonin implants - they last for 6 months each.  And the last ditch effort was deslorelin and that breathed new life into her.  I firmly believe she only made it this long because of the deslorelin.  She had been losing so much weight and had hind leg weakness.  And she was dealing with incontinence too. 

And she was a trooper.  She and Donna really bonded over the past few months.  They were an inseperable pair.  She gave Isis so much time, attention, special care and love.  She gave her meds every day, special soup and they sat and played together.  I think they were meant to find each other.

I will miss her.  She was my little girl.  Jules

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Donna wrote:

Isis was brought to me in a group of 5.  She is a beautiful dark eyed white ferret with an incredible spirit.  She has insulinoma, adrenal disease and heart disease.  But that doesn't stop her from having the time of her life every day!

She takes her meds like a pretty little princess.  When the guys are all done playing, I put them up, and she is last.  I call her and she comes to me right away.  She's my new baby girl.  She is so cute and smart.  She is doing fantastically!  I think that is so great.  Nobody in her group is stressed out...they are too busy beating me up and having a great time.  They love exploring the room and knocking everything down.  They are just too funny.  It makes me feel good that they are having such a great time.  Isis has a great appetite, and she loves the duck soup.  She seems to be getting around really good (despite hind leg weakness), and keeps up with everyone.

August 5, 2012:  Isis was so active and doing very well, I am very suprised.  She was active, inquisitive, and eating like a pig.  She's having the time of her life!

August 7, 2012:  Isis and I spent some good quality time together today, and Aquilo (one of the boys in her group) was attacking me while I was trying to get things taken care of for them.  He just wouldn't let up!!  He was a happy boy though!  I am glad he is getting a kick out of using my leg as a punching bag.  He seemed to enjoy it so I didn't mind. 

September 7, 2012:  Isis did great at the vet!  She was so antsy and active.  Her weight is up, her blood sugar is up (from 60 to 69) and the vet is very happy with her progress!  She is strong and looking good.  She was great on the trip there and back.    ~Donna~

In desperate need of help

Posted by Jules on October 22, 2012 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Our shelter is in desperate need of help.  Please donate to help us today!  ~Donna~


Posted by Jules on October 22, 2012 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Every donation counts.  We have been able to buy some litter and a new roll of linoleum.    ~Donna~


Posted by Jules on October 22, 2012 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Bear-bear had his tumor removed from his ear and is doing so great for a 7 year old man.    ~Donna~

Garage Sale

Posted by Jules on October 15, 2012 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Held another garage sale.  This time I only brought in $43.  I do my best to make every penny count.    ~Donna~

Garage Sale

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I figured since the sun isn't too hot that maybe I'd do better with a garage sale today.  Kinda bummed...only made $40.

I got on my sewing machine to try to make some ferret products and that went on the fritz too. 

I have hope.  I repainted the floor in the ferret's room and it is so pretty!  It is a lighter color, much harder to keep clean now!!  Messy ferrets...but I wanted to keep busy and I have a lot of projects waiting for me.    ~Donna~


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August 3, 2012:  A group of 5 ferrets came in dropped off by Matt & Jules.  Their names are Aquilo, Isis, Brigit, Orion and Luna.

September 19, 2012:  Luna went missing yesterday, but I found her sleeping underneath the linoleum in their cage!  It was hilarious, she popped her head outa nd scared me to death.  I thought that was so funny.  I don't know why she did that.  Maybe she was just being silly, or was trying to play hide and seek with me.  They like to mess with me, I know that.  One of these days I am going to give them run of the house and I am going to hide on them and jump out at them and scare them to get even....muhahahaha.  She is so sweet and loveable!    ~Donna~

Sistah Momma

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September 18, 2012:  I noticed that my Sistah Momma has sudden hair loss, but she is pushing 8 years old now and is doing very well.  Her hair loss was sudden.  She's always been aggressive towards other ferrets but a sweetheart towards me.  Adrenal is so common in ferrets it makes my heart sick.    ~Donna~


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August 3, 2012:  A group of 5 ferrets came in dropped off by Matt & Jules.  Their names are Aquilo, Isis, Brigit, Orion and Luna.

September 17, 2012:  I spent some time with Brigit last night, and she was such a happy, playful bundle of ferret it was so funny.  She and Isis both enjoyed a bowl of soupy and had a great time playing.  No biting, no problems.  Brigit was a happy playful girl, jumping about and doing the ferret dance.  She was so funny!  I am going to give her soupy with vitamins every night with Isis.    ~Donna~


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My Runako is balding with adrenal but he still gives me kisses and hasn't gotten aggressive with me or any of the other ferrets yet.  It's a case by case thing with these guys.  I love those kisses!    ~Donna~

Friend went to the rainbow bridge

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September 7, 2012:  I found Friend laying dead in his cage last night.  I had no idea.  Don't know what happened.  He was happy, healthy, no sign of anything wrong with him.  He just up and died.  I was so upset.  I was poking around and getting ready to let his group out (as I do every day) and noticed he was on the bottom which was so unlike him.  When I went to pick him up I was horrified.  It is so terrible that these little guys don't live very long, and they steal our hearts the way they do.  I still miss my guys that passed away 15 years ago.  They never really leave our hearts.  A sweet baby in heaven now.  I'll keep thinking about the funny, happy memories I had with him.

Friend was with me for over 3 years (he came in with a group).  I called him Friend, because he used to follow me around and help me find poopie to clean up, and find the other ferrets when they would crawl into hidey-holes to sleep.  I would say Friend?  Where's my Friend?  and he would come out.  He was so cute and helpful, he was a light color, like grey or a light silver and so friendly.  He used to bite and be so bad but I guess being loved and spent time with changed his attitude.  I'll miss him, but I'm glad I got to show him some real love and attention that he deserved.    ~Donna~

Garage Sale

Posted by Jules on September 2, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The garage sale brought in $110. A nice lady had donated things for this garage sale.  I will be planning another garage sale very soon, so will be taking more donations for that.  I will wait until the weather cools down a few more degrees.  It was way too hot and I was all by myself.     ~Donna~

Casper's Surgery

Posted by Jules on August 24, 2012 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

On August 24, 2012 Casper had her surgery.  It cost $210.  The shelter continues to have a negative balance. Casper is doing great!  She healed fantastically and she is so happy that her tumor is gone!  And she's happy to have her stitches out!    ~Donna~

Computer Troubles

Posted by Jules on August 20, 2012 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, my computer is fried.

I was putting a mailing list together with a flyer, was trying to plan a Flash Mob Dance fundraiser for the ferrets, a Halloween event and thinking of maybe even having a ferret Santa again this year. Now I will have to re-install my operating system but so much of my data will be erased.  I had been working on a nice new pamphlet too! And my printer is out of ink. We will survive.  It's all about the ferrets and we can figure out how to keep them here safe and happy.    ~Donna~

Angel Ferret Shelter

Posted by Angel Ferret Shelter on August 8, 2012 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Angel Ferret Shelter was established in 1997 to provide a happy and safe environment for unwanted, lost, or abandoned pet domestic ferrets. We operate a shop were you can purchase items for you and your ferret. In this manner we are able to support our shelter without having to solicit funds from the general public. We offer a wide range of services including adoptions, long and short term boarding, cage setups, and complimentary informational brochures and care guides. The care our ferrets receive is perpetual. We keep in touch with them and their new families and give advice were needed. We also love to hear about their exciting new adventures! Please feel free to contact us via E-Mail listed below, with any questions, or to set up a time to visit our shelter. Angel Ferret Shelter, Inc. is a privately owned and operated, self funded Non-profit organization.     ~Donna~