Friend went to the rainbow bridge

Posted by Jules on September 7, 2012 at 2:35 PM

September 7, 2012:  I found Friend laying dead in his cage last night.  I had no idea.  Don't know what happened.  He was happy, healthy, no sign of anything wrong with him.  He just up and died.  I was so upset.  I was poking around and getting ready to let his group out (as I do every day) and noticed he was on the bottom which was so unlike him.  When I went to pick him up I was horrified.  It is so terrible that these little guys don't live very long, and they steal our hearts the way they do.  I still miss my guys that passed away 15 years ago.  They never really leave our hearts.  A sweet baby in heaven now.  I'll keep thinking about the funny, happy memories I had with him.

Friend was with me for over 3 years (he came in with a group).  I called him Friend, because he used to follow me around and help me find poopie to clean up, and find the other ferrets when they would crawl into hidey-holes to sleep.  I would say Friend?  Where's my Friend?  and he would come out.  He was so cute and helpful, he was a light color, like grey or a light silver and so friendly.  He used to bite and be so bad but I guess being loved and spent time with changed his attitude.  I'll miss him, but I'm glad I got to show him some real love and attention that he deserved.    ~Donna~

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