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Jules update on Isis:

Last night October 23, 2012 Isis passed away in her sleep.  She will be very missed.  We initially got her as a playmate for Aquilo.  But she spent most of her time yelling at him for being naughty.  He was always teasing her and play fighting when she just wanted to hang out and look at stuff.  It wasn't until Luna was brought into the mix that Isis really showed her personality.  Isis and Luna loved to play fight.  And Aquilo finally had someone to play fight with.  They were a very happy trio.  For a long time Isis was the momma figure in the group of 6 (Isis, Aquilo, Shiitake, Luna, Orion, Brigit)....she was nurturing and loving to everyone.  And they all loved her.  She got cold easily and so they would all dogpile on top of her to keep her warm. 

This is the first your hearing about Shiitake (we called him Monkey) because he also passed away recently on September 6, 2012.  He was staying at a different shelter.  He had the same conditions as Isis - adrenal disease, insulinoma and heart disease. 

Isis was a fighter.  We adopted her in January of 2009 from the NVSPCA.  She was maybe a year and a half, maybe more.  They didn't know.  She was healthy and fluffy when we got her. 

Then about 6 months later she rapidly began losing fur due to adrenal disease.  So we got her surgery and they took out the culprit adrenal gland at the time.  It wasn't until about a year later that the other adrenal gland became a problem for her.  She got monthly Lupron injections ($40 each month) for a long time.  And she had at least 3 different melatonin implants - they last for 6 months each.  And the last ditch effort was deslorelin and that breathed new life into her.  I firmly believe she only made it this long because of the deslorelin.  She had been losing so much weight and had hind leg weakness.  And she was dealing with incontinence too. 

And she was a trooper.  She and Donna really bonded over the past few months.  They were an inseperable pair.  She gave Isis so much time, attention, special care and love.  She gave her meds every day, special soup and they sat and played together.  I think they were meant to find each other.

I will miss her.  She was my little girl.  Jules

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Donna wrote:

Isis was brought to me in a group of 5.  She is a beautiful dark eyed white ferret with an incredible spirit.  She has insulinoma, adrenal disease and heart disease.  But that doesn't stop her from having the time of her life every day!

She takes her meds like a pretty little princess.  When the guys are all done playing, I put them up, and she is last.  I call her and she comes to me right away.  She's my new baby girl.  She is so cute and smart.  She is doing fantastically!  I think that is so great.  Nobody in her group is stressed out...they are too busy beating me up and having a great time.  They love exploring the room and knocking everything down.  They are just too funny.  It makes me feel good that they are having such a great time.  Isis has a great appetite, and she loves the duck soup.  She seems to be getting around really good (despite hind leg weakness), and keeps up with everyone.

August 5, 2012:  Isis was so active and doing very well, I am very suprised.  She was active, inquisitive, and eating like a pig.  She's having the time of her life!

August 7, 2012:  Isis and I spent some good quality time together today, and Aquilo (one of the boys in her group) was attacking me while I was trying to get things taken care of for them.  He just wouldn't let up!!  He was a happy boy though!  I am glad he is getting a kick out of using my leg as a punching bag.  He seemed to enjoy it so I didn't mind. 

September 7, 2012:  Isis did great at the vet!  She was so antsy and active.  Her weight is up, her blood sugar is up (from 60 to 69) and the vet is very happy with her progress!  She is strong and looking good.  She was great on the trip there and back.    ~Donna~

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